Monthly Archives: March 2017

Sticker Cross Featured Image

Easy Sticker Cross Activity

  Today we had one of those rough mornings where everyone was in a cranky mood, the kids kept picking on each other, and my coffee wasn’t kicking in quite […]

I Spy Activity God Made Everything Printable

I-Spy Outdoor Activity

  One of my favorite things about living in Colorado is the weather. We can play outside almost every day of the year. With gorgeous scenery and National Parks at […]

10 Commandments Activity

  The story of the 10 commandments is much more complex than I remembered. Throughout the story God revealed a lot about Himself to Moses and the people of Isreal. […]

Counting Activity Printable 7 Days of Creation-2

7 Day of Creation Counting Activity

  The Bible Story of Creation is a great way to introduce children to numbers and counting. There are so many ways to practice numbers as you talk about the […]

Baby Moses Basket Craft Featured

Adorable Baby Moses Basket Activity

  Unlike most Bible characters, we get to see the story of Moses’ life from the time he was a baby. Throughout the stories, God’s power and purposes are clearly […]