Old Testament

Here you’ll find our collection of Old Testament activities, crafts, games, object lessons, and art projects. All of our resources are designed to help children become engaged with the Bible in a creative way.

Our activities are created to inspire parents, homeschoolers, Sunday school teachers, kids ministry leaders, and Christian teachers with creative ideas to help children become engaged with the Bible.

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Galaxy Painting Abraham Bible Art Project Done

Galaxy Painting – Abraham Bible Art Project

  You can easily create beautiful galaxy paintings with watercolors, stickers, and salt to go along with the Bible story of Abraham. This project is a great combination of process […]

Wisdom Owls Bible Craft Featured

Wisdom Owls – Proverbs Bible Craft

  “What is wisdom?” I asked my kids as I began our family Bible lesson. I was met with some very blank stares. Finally my oldest child answered with a […]

Josephs Coat Craft Paper Bag Puppet

Joseph’s Coat Watercolor Puppet Craft

  Our kids love the Bible story of Joseph and his brothers. Every time we talk about Joseph they have dozens of questions. How could his brothers take the coat his […]

Scissors Practice – Samson Haircuts

  The Bible story of Samson might be one of those most bizarre stories I have ever read. If you haven’t read it before, it’s much more than a man […]