Bible Activities

Looking for a great craft for your next Sunday school lesson? Need ideas for something to do at home with your toddler or preschooler? You’re in the right place! Browse through our simple Bible activities, crafts and art projects below.

Our crafts and art projects use cheap, easy to find materials and common household items. They are easy enough for toddlers (our two year old does them all!) and creative enough for older children as well. The activities are designed to be a fun way to engage kids with Bible stories and the truths of God’s Word.

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Wood Slice Star Ornaments Featured

Wood Slice Star Ornaments

  I have always been afraid to let my kids use glitter in their crafts. A tube of glitter in one of their hands would certainly turn our house into […]

Church Service Busy Bag SQ

Church Service Busy Bag

  A church service busy bag can be a life saver if your kids sit with you during church. After a lot of trial and error, this is what we […]

Galaxy Painting Abraham Bible Art Project Done

Galaxy Painting – Abraham Bible Art Project

  You can easily create beautiful galaxy paintings with watercolors, stickers, and salt to go along with the Bible story of Abraham. This project is a great combination of process […]

Wisdom Owls Bible Craft Featured

Wisdom Owls – Proverbs Bible Craft

  “What is wisdom?” I asked my kids as I began our family Bible lesson. I was met with some very blank stares. Finally my oldest child answered with a […]

Salt of the Earth Bible Art Project

  One of my biggest struggles as a mom has been fighting this lie: What you do doesn’t matter. I know this isn’t true, but some days the monotony of […]