Bible Story Snacks

We love snack time around here! Check out our collection of Bible Story snacks, like the Noah’s Ark Banana, or Daniel’s Cracker Lions. We try to keep our snacks healthy and use toddler approved foods. Feel free to adapt them to your child’s liking.

Daniel and the Lions Snack Featured

Daniel and the Lions Bible Snack

  We love the story of Daniel and the Lions. The ideas are simple and easy to teach to toddlers and preschoolers. Daniel was faithful to God God kept Daniel […]

Jonah and the Big Fish Snack Featured

Jonah and the Big Fish Bible Snack

  Snack activities are quickly becoming our favorite. They are adorable, fun to make, and you can eat them! All of our kids think it’s hilarious when their food looks […]

Noahs Ark Snack

Adorable Noah’s Ark Snack

  We are having a great time studying the story of Noah’s Ark this week with our kiddos! Our toddler is full of “why?” questions about this story. Our preschooler […]

Tower of Babel Snack Featured

Tower of Babel Snack Activity

  Watching toddlers grow and develop is one of the coolest things. They go from barely being able to stand up to running and bouncing around within months. It is […]