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Christian Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Christian Easter Basket Ideas

  Easter is a great opportunity to encourage kids to grow in their knowledge of the gospel and grow in their faith. A few years ago I started looking for […]

Valentines Day Faith Based Kids Art Featured

Valentine’s Day Kids Bible Art 4 Ways

As Valentine’s Day is approaching, we are focusing on God’s character and how he has shown his love to us. These Bible art prompts are a great way to get […]

Coffee Filter Angels Craft Christmas Featured

Coffee Filter Angels Craft

Angels are some of the most fascinating creatures in the Bible. As a child I never really understood what angels were. Were they humans who “got their wings” for doing […]

Wood Slice Star Ornaments Featured

Wood Slice Star Ornaments

  I have always been afraid to let my kids use glitter in their crafts. A tube of glitter in one of their hands would certainly turn our house into […]

DIY Woodland Animals Playset Featured

DIY Woodland Animals Playset

  You won’t believe how easy it is to make this woodland animals playset from recycled materials you already have at home. With a few toilet paper tubes and some […]