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Fathers Day Sharpie Mug Tutorial

How to Make a Sharpie Mug for Fathers Day

  What are your favorite gifts to give or receive on Father’s Day? My parents have always said that handmade gifts from the kids are their favorites. Over the years […]

Mother's Day Gift Sharpie Mug

Easy Kid-Made Mother’s Day Sharpie Mug

  Did Mother’s Day sneak up on you again? Somehow I never realize it’s coming, so of course I don’t have time to make any of the cool gift ideas […]

Painted Stick Cross Toddler Art Project

Painted Stick Cross Toddler Art Project

  All of our children at some point hit a phase where they become fascinated with Jesus and the cross. They want to know everything about how and why Jesus […]

Sticker Cross Featured Image

Easy Sticker Cross Activity

  Today we had one of those rough mornings where everyone was in a cranky mood, the kids kept picking on each other, and my coffee wasn’t kicking in quite […]