Church Service Busy Bag


A church service busy bag can be a life saver if your kids sit with you during church. After a lot of trial and error, this is what we recommend, featuring Bible verse coloring pages designed by God’s Fingerprints.

For this post we partnered with God’s Fingerprints. All opinions are our own. This post also contains affiliate links.

How to Make a Church Service Busy Bag

Church Service Busy Bag SQ

Last week we had to leave our church service early. Again. Our two year old got so bored during the sermon that she had a meltdown. Our church has a Sunday school class for preschoolers, but she would rather stay with us. And be bored.

With four kids we have always had at least one of them sitting with us during church. Whether you choose to keep your kids with you, your church doesn’t have a children’s ministry, or you have a stubborn child like ours, putting together a church service busy bag can be a life saver.

But what should you bring?


It never fails, as soon as we walk through the church doors my kids are hungry. I have tried stuffing my kids to the brim right before we leave the house, yet the moment we get to church they ask for snacks.

The best snacks to pack are mess-free finger foods that take a while to eat. Nuts and dried fruit are great because they are the easiest to clean up. Prezels, dry cereal, and crackers are also good as long as they don’t get stepped on.

Notebook and Stickers

A notebook is great for any age child. Older children can take sermon notes and younger children can draw. Stickers are also a great activity to keep on hand, especially for younger kids. We have found the cutest little notebooks and stickers at the Dollar Tree and in the Dollar spot at Target.

Coloring Pages and Colored Pencils

Church sermons can be quite long for a child’s attention span, but many children actually pay attention better if they are drawing or coloring. Our kids color a lot, but for some reason they would rather have coloring pages than a coloring book. The Bible verse coloring pages designed by the artists at God’s Fingerprints have been some of our favorites. Our 2 year old has spent the entire week on hers. They are great for older kids as well, giving them a verse to meditate on as they color. Honestly, I’m probably going to color one myself!

Church Service Busy Bag coloring pages

You can download and print these coloring pages for free from the God’s Fingerprints blog. They share more ideas on how to use their coloring pages, as well as tips for printing them. Here’s the link! –>

While you’re there check out their beautiful art prints. They are so talented and their prints are gorgeous. I love their heart and their mission, to use art to fill our homes and minds with God’s word.

Colored pencils are a great way to color these detailed coloring pages. While any brand of colored pencils will do, I am partial to Prismacolor. Even my 2 year old prefers them. She calls them the “pretty pencils.” You can find them at most art stores or pick them up on Amazon.


Church Service Busy Bag Coloring Page

These busy bags have been perfect for our family. We hope you are encouraged with ideas for your own church service busy bags. Thanks again to God’s Fingerprints for the beautiful coloring pages!

Church Service Busy Bag folder

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Church Service Busy Bag

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