Joseph’s Coat Watercolor Puppet Craft


Our kids love the Bible story of Joseph and his brothers. Every time we talk about Joseph they have dozens of questions. How could his brothers take the coat his Dad gave him!? They threw him in a hole?? Why did he have to go to jail? Poor Joseph. I love talking about these stories with our kids as they do crafts and activities like this Josephs coat craft.

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Joesphs Coat Craft Watercolor Paper Bag Puppet

The Story of Joseph

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Through all of the suffering Joseph endured, God had a plan for his life. Joseph was able to forgive and bless his family by the grace of God. It’s a beautiful foreshadowing of Jesus and a great story to teach kids about the gospel.

Genesis 50:20  You meant evil against me, but God meant it for good.

As our kids are getting older, sibling conflict is something we encounter daily. We are continuously revisiting the ideas of forgiveness, patience, kindness and grace. One of the reasons I like the story of Joseph so much is that it illustrates sibling forgiveness perfectly. Joseph forgives far more severe offenses than our kids will ever endure from their siblings. By seeing such dramatic forgiveness, our kids are more inspired to forgive each other. (Most of the time. haha)


How to make Josephs Coat Puppets

What You’ll Need

  • Lunch sized white paper bag
  • Watercolors and a paintbrush
  • Marker (for the face)
  • Water

Josephs Coat Puppet Craft Supplies


  • Draw a face on the bottom of the paper bag.
  • Have your child paint the bottom 2/3 of the bag to make Joseph’s colorful coat.
  • Let it dry (it only takes a few minutes) and your puppet is done!

Don’t have watercolors on hand?

You can use anything colorful to decorate Joseph’s coat! Construction paper strips, paint chips, markers, or anything else you have around. Be creative!!

Josephs Coat Puppet Paper Bag Craft Kid Painting

Josephs Coat Craft Paper Bag Puppet

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