Painted Stick Cross Toddler Art Project


All of our children at some point hit a phase where they become fascinated with Jesus and the cross. They want to know everything about how and why Jesus died. The ideas of pain and death are new to their understanding of the world, and all of it is very real in the story of Jesus.

Spring has become the time of year where we talk about these things the most, especially surrounding the Easter season. Rainy spring days are a great opportunity to stay indoors and teach our children the foundations of our faith.

Jesus suffered and died for us.

Painted Stick Cross Toddler Art Project

Toddler Art Project: Painted Stick Cross

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What You’ll Need:

  • Small sticks – one longer than the other.
  • Twist tie
  • Paint
  • Paint tray (we used an egg carton)
  • Paint brushes or Q-tips


  • Make the shape of a cross with the sticks and fasten them together with the twist tie.
  • Have your child paint the cross.
  • Let it dry!

Toddler Stick Cross Art Supplies

Toddler Painting Stick Cross Art Project

Three Painted Stick Crosses


The colors on our stick crosses remind us that there is beauty and life in the suffering of Jesus. We would love to see picture of how your child’s crosses turned out! Feel free to post pictures on our Facebook Page: Faithful Little Hands>>

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