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Included in this page are the Terms and Conditions, Disclosures, and Privacy Policies for FaithfulLittleHands.com

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Terms and Conditions


All content on this website is protected under U.S. copyright laws and therefore should not be copied, distributed, or sold in any way. This includes blog posts, graphics and images, and both free and purchased materials. All images are either our own or used with proper attributions to the best of our knowledge.

All materials on our website are intended for personal use only. This includes any free or purchased materials. You may not sell, copy, or distribute our materials in any way.

If you discover that our materials are not being used according to our conditions, Contact Us Here. If you discover someone has posted material that infringes on the rights of a third party website, Contact Us Here.


Information on this website is provided as a resource, not as professional or authoritative advice. We are not responsible for anything that results in using our website or the information from our website, including damage to your computer or person. We are not liable for any errors or availability on our website. We are not responsible for any user content including comments and images, or anything posted by a third party related to our website. This includes social media channels.

State and Federal Law

We retain the right to block anyone who posts inappropriate or offensive content on our website, including abusive language and imagery. We also retain the right to remove anyone who abuses the policies and conditions on our website.

We are held under the state laws of the State of Colorado and the federal laws of the United States of America.

Third Party Links

If a link from our site brings you to another website, we are not responsible for anything on their website. Refer to third party Terms and Conditions for their policies. This includes any affiliate links, referenced materials, and any other links to outside websites. If you discover any links on our website to be defective or infringing on the rights of another party, Contact Us Here.


All purchases made on our website are final. If you have any problems with a download link, contact us for a new download link. If you have any problems with payments, such as an inaccurate or multiple charge to your account, contact us. If the problem is with our website we will handle it to the best of our knowledge. If the problem is with a third party we will provide you with the information you need to contact them. We have the right to cancel or remove an order if we suspect illegal or suspicious activity. More information will be provided for payments and processing as our website develops.

Any of the above terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.



Our website and the content on it may contain affiliate links to third party websites. By clicking on these links or making purchases through these links we may receive compensation.

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

We are also a participant in the Google Adsense program. Google and third party vendors use cookies to serve ads based on your visits to our website and other websites. Google uses advertising cookies to provide ads based on what sites you visit on the internet. You may opt out of personalized advertising any time by visiting Ads Settings, disabling cookies, or opting out of third-party vendor’s use of cookies by visiting www.aboutads.info

Privacy Policies

General website usage

Any information collected through our website will not be sold or shared with a third party without our disclosing that information. We may use information to track usage on our website so we can better determine website traffic and any changes we need to make to our website. By using our website you automatically agree to the use of cookies and other information collected by our website or third parties we partner with.

Email List

Our email services are provided through MailChimp. MailChimp has access to any email addresses and personal information given when you sign up for our email newsletters. We are not responsible for how MailChimp uses your information. Refer to their terms and conditions for more information.

If at any time you wish to be removed from our email or website services, we will remove your information from our database.

Third party advertisers and affiliates

Our website includes links to third parties. We are not responsible for how your information is handled once you leave our website. Refer to the third party privacy policies for how your information will be used.

The affiliate programs we belong to may have access to and collect your information. Currently we use Amazon Affiliates and Google Adsense to support this page. We are not responsible for how these third parties use your information. Your information may also be collected through cookies.


We ensure that any personal information required to make a purchase through our website is secure to the best of our knowledge.

Unique circumstances

Circumstances may arise where we are required by law to release certain personal information or where information must be shared to prevent harm to others. We also reserve the right to share personal information if we suspect any illegal or malicious activity.

Changes to the privacy policies can be made at any time without notice.


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