Wisdom Owls – Proverbs Bible Craft


“What is wisdom?” I asked my kids as I began our family Bible lesson.

I was met with some very blank stares. Finally my oldest child answered with a laugh, “I have no idea!”

All of these years of studying the Bible together and we have never talked about wisdom. I mean, we have talked about it in many ways, but we have never actually used the word in our discussions.

The book of Proverbs has a ton to say about wisdom, so we started there.

Proverbs 3:13  Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding. (ESV)

Since owls are a common symbol for wisdom, we made little wisdom owls to go along with our Bible lesson.

Wisdom Owls Craft Verse SQ

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What is Biblical wisdom?

Wisdom is more than knowledge, more than common sense, more than education, more than street smarts.

Wisdom is understanding God’s ways.

How do we find wisdom? We start with studying God’s word. I talked with my kids about how we have been gaining wisdom and understanding by studying the Bible. Then, what we learn from others, from school, and from the world around us builds on the foundation of God’s word.

Our kids started talking about how God designed plants to grow under certain conditions. As we learn about God’s design for plants, we learn how to plant them and care for them so they will grow. Having just watched the solar eclipse, our son started talking about how God put the earth close enough to the sun to keep us warm enough to live. I loved hearing their thoughts and ideas!

The book of Proverbs is full of nuggets of wisdom that are simple and perfect for teaching to children. Have fun exploring the Bible together and watching God work in the hearts of your children as they grow in wisdom and knowledge of Him.

Wisdom Owls Bible Craft

What you’ll need:

  1. Toilet paper tubes
  2. Scissors
  3. A white paint pen
  4. A black marker

Wisdom Owls Bible Craft Supplies


  1. Flatten the toilet paper tube and cut curves on each side to create the wings of the owl (pictured below).
  2. To create the head, press and fold the top of the tube, first from the back, then from the front. Fold out the wings
  3. Using the white paint pen, draw two circles for eyes and one large one for the belly. Let it dry.
  4. Finish by using the black marker to draw on the pupils, eye brows, beak, and Bible verse.
  5. (Optional) Decorate your wisdom owls with more paint pens, acrylic paints, watercolors, or anything else your creative heart desires!

Wisdom Owls Craft Process SQ  Wisdom Owls Craft Process 2 SQ

Wisdom Owls Craft Painted SQ

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Proverbs Kids Bible Craft Wisdom Owls

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